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TOP Filter for Hard Water and how they help


Top  best Shower filters for Hard water are made of KDF-5, active carbon and calcium sulfite for the removal of heavy metals and conversion of chlorine into harmless water soluble chloride salt. KDF is made of copper and zinc combination. It works on the principle of oxidation reduction. The electro chemical reaction process adds one element of ion to the chlorine water and extracts the cations in the chlorine. This best shower filters for hard water  also attracts all the hard metals (in micron sizes) and volatile chemicals into the KDF-55 layer. The water is now free of these elements. Try ShowerMeister Guides

Chlorine in Hard Water

The shower filters used for the removal of chlorine and heavy metals make use of calcium silicate, ceramic granules, activated carbon and quartz sand as the additional filtering layers. They help in filtering all the associated elements like the volatile chemicals and purify the water.

  • Liquid Chlorine: The activated carbon in the form of wood charcoal blocks can remove the chlorine efficiently when it is in liquid form. However, its efficiency may reduce when the water temperature and the flow rate increase consistently in the shower filter. In such instances the manufacturers use the coconut charcoal based active carbon granules to achieve the higher level of chlorine filtering.
  • Gaseous Chlorine: The higher water temperature can convert the chlorine into gaseous form which can easily pass through the filter membrane. This is another risk for the skin pores can absorb the vapors at a faster rate compared to the liquid form. Hence, the design of advanced shower filters is based on the combination of KDF55 and coconut charcoal based carbon granules. In combination they can condense the chlorine vapor into liquid form before filtering it efficiently.
  • Skin Benefits: Chlorine can cause skin irritation, allergy and result in scale formation over the epidermis and the dermis layers of the skin. By removing chlorine, the soft water ensures health and fit skin that is free from dry patches. Soft water can enhance the moisture levels within your skin layers and prevent the formation of cracks in the heels, elbow and other joints in your body. Soft water is also responsible for the strengthening of collagen fibers in the skin tissues. This process increases the tensile strength and the density of the epidermis skin tissues. Your skin becomes soft and form, while retaining the flexible nature.

Energizing Water Molecules

Most of the shower filters using KDF and activated carbon also have layers of far infrared granules for energizing the water molecules. This process happens mainly for restoring the water quality after some of the healthy minerals get lost during the filtering process.

  • Skin Immunity: The balancing of ph in the water ensures skin immunity during the showers.
  • Skin Condition: The soft water being relatively more alkaline, can extract the micron and macro level contaminants that clog the skin pores. The water is also highly reactive to the sebum deposits that block the pores. The anti-oxidant elements in the pure water create the process of reverse oxidation and neutralize the excess of sebum deposits on your skin.
  • Skin Tone: The skin tone levels are balanced with the soft water which eliminates most of the negative symptoms from the dry and oily skin effectively. The result is the balanced level of skin toning elements that also restore the skin health and well being from all the aspects.

Fluoride in Hard Water

The fluoride content in hard water is however more complex in nature as it dissolves completely without a visible trace. The shower filters with ion exchange and reverse osmosis capability can eliminate the chemical by more than 95%.

  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse osmosis is a relatively complex process, in which the synthetic membrane made of TFC or CTA use the pressure gradient to allow the pass through of pure water and healthy minerals, while retaining the dissolved fluoride, chlorine and other harmful particulates. The ability of the TFC material to absorb higher and lower concentrations of fluoride has been proved to be better than the CTA. However, it is susceptible to oxidation reactions, which can reduce the lifespan in the long run. Hence, you may need to replace the TFC membranes more frequently compared to the CTA.
  • Ion Exchange: Ion exchange shower filters can also remove most of the hard water chemicals and metals including the dissolved fluoride. The process of physical adsorption buffers the water into high ph value and low ph value. The resin membrane for ion exchange is made from the combination of synthetic and aluminum films. The media gets regenerated by the chloride generated during the ion exchange process. Hence, the lifespan of the medium is stated to be relatively longer. You may need to replace it once in a year. The heavier concentration of chlorine, metals, fluoride and other contaminants get passed onto the section of the membrane from where they get eliminated through a separate outlet. This process may waste 5% to 8% of the water for every shower you take. But the out flowing water is completely free from all the forms of hardness.
  • Skin Benefits: The process of fluoride, chlorine and metal removal can result in soft water having the ingredients of healthy minerals like the sulfur and lower concentration of copper and zinc. These minerals are stated to be highly beneficial for improving the skin toe and texture in the long run. One of the greatest benefits of using the fluoride based shower filter is the selective removal of bacterial and germs from the water at higher temperature. In most of the other filters, the membranes only kill the germs but those germs having less than 0.5 micron size do pas through the filer. This could cause the deposits of dead germs on the skin layer, which may be tough to remove. But the membranes of reverse osmosis and ion exchange ensure the complete removal of these from the water. The out flowing water is free from all the forms of micron sized particulates.
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