Niemeyer Pianos of Canada

Niemeyer Grand PianoWelcome to Niemeyer Pianos, manufacturer of fine
upright and grand pianos. Niemeyer makes excellent and affordable pianos for Canada, including studio uprights, baby grands and larger grand pianos.

Brand-new Niemeyer pianos are the very best value for the money in the piano business today. From the smaller uprights which make for excellent beginner pianos to the concert-quality sound of the larger grand pianos, Niemeyer's range of models can provide the perfect piano for any level of playing expertise.

Why do we call Niemeyer handmade German Technic? Niemeyer has a complete German inside. It features a Renner designed action (like Steinway, Bosendorfer and others), Abel hammers (like any good German
piano) and Roslau strings (arguably the best strings money can buy). Its construction is ISO-9001 certified. This makes Niemeyer a solid investment, and between this craftsmanship and its full ten-year warranty you can rest assured that a Niemeyer piano will be a beautiful instrument for years to come. If you would like to know more about the Niemeyer piano, consult this page.

Niemeyer grand pianos are being played in concert as well as in homes, churches and schools. You can see Niemeyer upright pianos here, or grand piano models here. If you would like to play or buy a Niemeyer for yourself, visit the Niemeyer showroom located in Burlington, Ontario (that's southern Ontario, near Toronto and not far from Niagara Falls). Niemeyers can be shipped, too: we sell pianos across Canada and the United States.

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